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Dec 28, 2013 12:35am PST
crossing. tonight the fbi announce they'd believe the same gunman commit aid robbery in atlanta, georgia, nearly 300 miles away earlier that same day. >> investigators here in atlanta, the fbi, atlanta police were working hard to try to find out why he was in atlanta and more importantly who he is. >> reporter: these surveillance videos from 9:30 show a lone gunman wearing a black ski mask armed with a semiautomatic handgun demanding money from the tell ter. when that failed he rushed out of the atlanta bank, stopping to rob a skus myrrh taking money out of an atm machine. meanwhile back in mississippi, law enforcement officials welcome the broadening investigation. >> we have provided media with a wanted poster, providing information and surveillance photos from the atlanta bank robbery which provide a clearer picture of the robber. >> reporter: earlier this week, police released a photo of this man, calling him a person of interest in the robbery there. taken by a convenience store security camera just prior to the bank robbery. yet another video shows what police say was the robber's
Dec 18, 2013 4:00am EST
. then, news broke that at another store, this one in atlanta, georgia, also sold a winning ticket. >> the winners will share a near-record $636 million. abc's tahman bradley has all of the details. >> reporter: the people who hold mega millions tickets with these numbers -- >> 8, 20, 14, 17, 39 and the megaball, 7. >> reporter: are about to get the best christmas gift ever. overnight, lottery officials confirmed that winning tickets were sold in atlanta, georgia, and san jose, california. >> hopefully somebody will be rich. >> reporter: oh,, they willbe. the jackpot, more than $636 million. the second-biggest in lottery history. the odds were about 1 in 259 million. but that didn't stop the frenzy. in 43 states, the district of columbia, and the virgin islands, americans dreamed big. >> i feel that i'm going to win. >> i bought a new lamborghini. >> going to buy an island. >> reporter: on tuesday morning, 30 million tickets an hour during peek times. >> could be my lucky day. >> what do i have to lose? it's a dollar. so, i took a chance. >> reporter: the jackpot swelled past $500
Dec 18, 2013 4:30am EST
, california, or atlanta, georgia. area matched our every number except the mega ball and they each won $1 million. >> there are two of 20 similar tickets across the country. hold megaple who millions tickets with these numbers are about to get the best christmas gift ever. lottery officials confirmed winning tickets were sold in atlanta, georgia and san jose, california. >> hopefully somebody will be rich. >> oh, they will be. than $636t, more million. the odds are about one in 259 million, but that did not stop purchases. americans dreamed big. >> i feel like i am going to win. >> i would probably buy an island. tuesday alone, an estimated 11 million tickets were sold in our. >> a could be my lucky day. >> i took a chance. 21 straight drawings failed to produce a winner. this morning, there are at least two new multimillionaires. millions jackpot resets to $50 million for the next drawing on friday. dollars for the next drawing on friday. out fire and a statue broke on campus and brianne carter is monitoring. what happened? .> we got an update according to an officer with the maryland po
Dec 4, 2013 5:00am PST
yesterday, it flushed 10 years ago, what's the problem? narrator: atlanta is a rapidly growing urban area. its primary source of drinking water is the chattahoochee river, which also provides water to many downstream communities. but its infrastructure is dangerously old, without outdated facilities and combined sewer overflows polluting the watershed. the city faces strict consent decrees and lawsuits, along with a severe lack of funding. man: when i started working for the city of atlanta in the late '70s, we were approaching that point in time where a lot was going to be needed, in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep. most of the very large pipes were at least 80 years old. we had needs that were identified in the '50s and in the '60s and in the '70s that were deferred. woman: we are urging that we all try to find a way to overcome the obstacles and limitations that might exist. woman: when i was running for office, i met someone who knew mayor hartsfield, who, in the late 1960s, said, "i don't know who the next mayor will be, "but i know they'll have to fix the water and sewer infrastr
Dec 24, 2013 4:00am PST
the playoffs, it didn't come easy, in the fourth i take you, 9ers lead by ten, atlanta puts together a strong scoring responses. atlanta ready to score, but, boe bobble, 9ers goes 89 yards to seal the win 34-24, the last of a stadium record 36 monday night football games at candlestick. boy, yeah, why not jump up. why not? auburn head coach gus malzon was named college coach of the year by the a.p. after an unbelievable iron bowl victory against alabama. a.p. after an unbelievable iron bowl victory against alabama. his tigers now in the championship game against florida state. >>> the heat prevail in an overtime thriller. atlanta with a load in the fourth when lebron james gets three. later james dunks. get out of his way. knee in the face of atlanta's paul millsap. take it to overtime now. atlanta leads again, but miami's michael beasley nailing crucial free throws. heat win it, 121-119 in a squeaker. the knicks get a bitter sweet victory over orlando. in the third, orlando hustling, but he sprains his ankle. 'melo was out for the rest of the game. orlando cuts a once 25-point deficit to jus
Dec 2, 2013 7:00am PST
: when i started working for the city of atlanta in the late '70s, we were approaching that point in time where a lot was going to be needed, in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep. most of the very large pipes were at least 80 years old. we had needs that were identified in the '50s and in the '60s and in the '70s that were deferred. woman: we are urging that we all try to find a way to overcome the obstacles and limitations that might exist. woman: when i was running for office, i met someone who knew mayor hartsfield, who, in the late 1960s, said, "i don't know who the next mayor will be, "but i know they'll have to fix the water and sewer infrastructure." woman: the city had chronic sewage overflows into the chattahoochee and its tributaries. fecal coliform bacteria levels were in the millions of colonies per hundred milliliter, which was a significant public health threat. and this had been occurring for decades. but neither the federal epa nor the epd back in the '90s were willing to take action under the clean water act to make the city fix its plumbing. so in 1994, we started upper
FOX News
Dec 18, 2013 2:00am PST
was sold at a newsstand atlanta, georgia, another at jinny's gift shop. 8, 20, 14, 17 and 39. the mega ball is 7. the cash payout for the jackpot is $341 million. what a way to wake up this morning for two people anyway. urgent space walks to fix a cooling line on the space station. two space walks will be required to fix the problem. astronauts will be forced to shut down after the cools system shut down. the space walk is scheduled for saturday. >> the family of a girl who went to the hospital to have her tonsils removed and ended up brain dead is fighting the hospital to keep her on life support. the family served the hospital with a cease and desist order. the hospital then agreed to keep the 13-year-old on a ventilator for the time being. doctors say she is brain dead but the family is not giving up hope. >> the family believes only god and the mother who brought her into this world should make a decision as to when she leaves this world. >> everybody who has children. if that was your child fighting for her life you would want everybody to pray for her, too. >> doctors say they don't
Dec 15, 2013 6:30pm EST
could not pull off a win in atlanta. with remembering nelson mandela. he was buried today. more from the emotional farewell. today marks the end of an extra ordinary journey -- an journey that began 95 years ago. lex one candle for each year of his life. family, and dignitaries remembered the life and struggles of the apartheid icon. nelson mandela is carried towards his final resting place. draped with the south african flag as the funeral mixed tradition with tributes. on a number ofd skins in front of south african president jacob zuma and members of the mandela family. guide us with your grace ♪a place where we'll be afe ♪ >> among the many boldface names in the audience were oprah winfrey, richard branson, reverend jesse jackson, and prince charles. >> we shall miss you. voice as you your told us stories of your childhood. we shall miss your laughter. after the funeral, mandela was buried in a private ceremony attended by hundreds of family members and close friends, marking the end of a chapter for south africa and the world. >> thanks. new developments in a suspicious deat
Dec 20, 2013 4:00am EST
underway. jay gray joins us live from atlanta. >> not a ton of traffic right now along highway 75 and 85 here in atlanta but that is going to pick up dramatically as the sun comes up here and a lot of people get out and on the roadways. aaa says 94.5 million people will travel during this holiday season. at least 50 miles if not more and that would be a record number for holiday travel. there will be more people than ever on the rods and in the airways. 91% of all travelers will go by car. a lot of that being driven by the fact that gas prices are lower than they have been in the last three years at this time of year. 5.5 million people expected to travel on planes. it's going to be a very crowded holiday travel season but one that may be a little bit cheaper for a lot of people getting out to go to grandma's house or a holiday get away. we should see a lot of traffic here during rush hour. after that it is just expected to continue to build. >> cheaper travel is a gift lots of us will take. >>> now for a look at our forecast here is bill karins. good morning. >> a little dicy. we have f
Al Jazeera America
Dec 31, 2013 9:00am EST
atlanta olympics. we'll get to benghazi in a moment. first, jim, do you have doubt that the bombing attacks are connected with the winter olympics ? no one has taken responsibility yet. in july a chechen rebel leader doku umarov who claimed responsibilities for other suicide attacks issued a manifesto calling for supporters to disrupt the olympics. is this work. >> whether doku umarov or other groups involved in chechnya or the caucuses, i think they are related. it gives the folks leverage to have a high profile event coming to russia. there'll be thousands of journalists or visitors around the world, creating a target that is difficult to exist. they have laid back and two attacks in three days, three in the past couple of months, it signals that they are going to use the games as an opportunity to strike back at putin. >> given that, should americans and other international visitors concerned? >> when you look at trying to secure a large event like an olympics or a peace conference, it boils down to contingency planning. the russians spent a lot of time with this. my old outfit
Dec 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
atlanta tomorrow. we will see. we still can't stop talking about rg iii. less than 24 hours away from kick off in atlanta. headlines continue. -- maryland, a shutdown of their >> now the toyota dealer -- sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the maryland men's basketball team entered the season rough, but they are showing signs of strength with a huge win over boston college. what could they do against florida atlantic? clearehe'll -- shaquille slams it home. second half, maryland up four. dez wells driving inside, scores. f.a.u.utes to go, down three points. his layman drains fourth three. 66-62.d wins the wizards were the comeback kids in atlanta, sending it to ot. the wizards with 9.8 seconds left. john wallace, driving to trevor booker. here we go. , they woulde left squeak by with the win. beat the wizards 101-99. a big topic in sports is still the mike shanahan and rg iii soap opera at redskins park. they are a touchdown underdog heading to atlanta. the redskins are only 3-10. the shelving of rg iii and adjustment at quarterback has been a dramatic change for k
Dec 24, 2013 4:00am EST
. in the fourth niners up by ten. atlanta putting together two strong scoring runs. san francisco up by three. atlanta ready to score but bobble. goes 89 to steal a win for the 49ers. clutch play. that was the last of a stadium record 36 monday night football games at candle stick. what a way to close it out before they tear it down. >>> auburn head coach gus malzahn was named college coach of the year by the ap. >>> the heat prevail in an overtime thriller. atlanta had the lead in the fourth when lebron james gets three. knee in the face of paul millsap. take it to overtime. atlanta leads again. miami's michael beasley nailing crucial free-throws. heat win it 121-119. >>> the knicks get victory over orlando. melo might be playing christmas day. >>> american took ninth place. he is currently third overall in the world cup. >>> to hockey. phoenix and buffalo tied in overtime. the puck flies up in the air. where does it go? i hate when it happens. he doesn't know it. he turns around -- >> is that a goal? >> it's a no goal because the puck passes -- >> that's one way to do it. >> he didn't know
Dec 14, 2013 8:00am EST
in atlanta, georgia, and it was in my textbooks that the civil war had nothing to do with slavery, that the slaves were better off here than they had been in africa and that the people who restored white rule in the south were known as the redeemers. that's still true. it's a religious word for terrorist. so we have to be very careful, because race and citizenship and freedom are tricky. and we are in a tricky era. right now. i'm using this book to try to teach students now. we had an experiment last spring at the university of maryland. i live in baltimore. to teach a seminar on the basics of civil rights history and citizenship to a seminar classroom in baltimore with online students from russia and the solomon islands and all around the world. we're going to do it again for credit. our goal is to cut the tuition costs for students by 90% and open to up to the world people who can, who can with some skin in the game and some prospect for credit gain access to the mastery and the lessons of civil rights history for the world. there's a revolution coming this higher education. in
Dec 18, 2013 11:00am PST
law. and jackpot, two winning tickets sold in the mega millions jackpot, one in atlanta and another in san jose, california. we still don't know who bought the tickets. we'll have a live update. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. hands for holding. feet, kicking. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculos
Al Jazeera America
Dec 22, 2013 11:00am EST
into mobile alabama now extending into marietta, georgia and into atlanta, also. it will continue to make its way toward the i-95 corridor and definitely on into this evening. one of thing it has done is cool down portions of the plains. look at how cool it is in fargo into tulsa, 27 degrees yesterday. in oklahoma city, we had an ice storm, really paralyzing travel across the roadways making it difficult for commuters to get around along i-35 and particularly, along i-44. as we continue to track on into this afternoon we will see a few lingering snow showers, just a little bit of snow? st. louis, also back into lubbock, texas. different story on the east coast. it is definitely a warm day, record-breaking heat across portions of the southeast extending into the mid atlantic and northeast. the heaviest rain right now, looking at between mobile, alabama and mayrietta, georgia, up toward atlanta. that thunderstorm is purring through. that heavy rain makes it's ways toward the i-95 corridor. it is it is going to dump heavy rainfall, particularly between the portions of indianapolis up towards de
Dec 30, 2013 4:00am PST
robbed a bank in atlanta and shot and killed an officer in tupelo, mississippi. >>> they're getting ready in new york's times square. the amazing spider-man who was the official superhero on new year's eve helped test out that confetti. the paper was sent flying from the marquee of the hard rock cafe. and for the first time, a supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor, a new york native will be in charge of pressing that button that drops the sparkling ball to ring in the new year. >>> a rare shark sighting to tell you about in minnesota. a snow shark, a snow shark is what we're talking about, it took three brothers 95 hours to build this 15-foot high snow sculpture of a shark that's sitting in their front yard. and the three, as you can tell, are old pros. because in the past years they've made a puffer fish, they made a walrus. >> how do you get enough snow? >> giant ice cube based on the weather. >> completely. >> i'll stick to snowmen. >> slushy and frozen, it will be there until may. >> exactly. >> let's talk california. we have red flag warnings at the end of december up for areas. tha
Dec 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
-season to get ready to play next year. kirk cousins will start against atlanta and even he said that this is his ballclub but griffin seemed down and only agreed begrudgingly. end of the day, the coaches decision is what we go with and that's what it's always been. to do that. >> i know he won't understand. he won't. at the end, i'm hoping maybe in a year or two he will. >> mike shanahan giving his reasons why rg3 will not play anymore this year. more on the redskins later and sports. >> quite a big story today. accusations of domestic violence against george zimmerman. why he won't be charged. coming up next, why federal officials fear avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today >
Dec 15, 2013 6:00pm EST
, they d. >> it happened in atlanta. after a week talking about everything not related to football, today we had a chance to get back to what really matters, the actual games. the redskins' quarterback didn't bring back a different result. seven turnovers were too much for the redskins to overcome. rg 3 inactive for this game. he'll be inactive for the next two weeks. kurt cousins making his second string start, and it didn't start very well. cousins gets stripped of the ball here by o.c.manuru. one of four skins fumbles in the first half. atlanta took advantage. three plays later, matt ryan finds the future hall of famer, that's tony gonzalez, and just like that the falcons are up 14-0. then come the redskins in sole possession. takes the hand off, and how about this, brett davis, where you been. that's a touchdown right there. skins down 14-7. in the second quarter, cousins kept rolling. this time he swings it out deep to pierre arcon. cousins wanted to shoot. defense comes to bat. kurt cousins intercepted here by william moore. that led to a steven jackson touchdown and put atlanta up
Dec 23, 2013 4:30pm PST
goes lights out for good. >> 53 years not bad for a ballpark. you got consider atlanta is replacing a baseball stadium that is 157 years old. we got a lot of am life out of the stick. there's a lot of life out here tonight. most of the 49ers are out there warming up. i also want to tell you for coach john glueden. he is back in the place where his coaching career began. tonight he's returning tonight park and going to join people live on the field as we am count down to kick off in the next half hour. ,,,, [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. i'm allen martin live on the field at candlestick park. sports director dennis o'donnell is nd dennis.. we >>> it's 5 and we are here on the field.
Dec 18, 2013 4:00am EST
was contacted bylottery officials. the winning ticket in georgia was purchased at gateway news stand in atlanta. we now have at least two new millionaires in the country. >>> there are more questions than answers this morning in reno, nevada after a fatal shooting. police say a gunman opened firet at a medical center killing one person before taking his own life. police say the gun men fired several rounds tuesday afternoon. the medical center was put on lockdown amid the chaos. officials say the shooting does not appear to be random but the motive is still unclear. >>> turning now to afghanistan in the single deadly incident for u.s. forces there in more than a year. six americans are dead after the soldiers' black hawk helicopter crashed but it is uncertain if it was from enemy fire or mechanical failure. >> reporter: there were two helicopters flying in tandem when without warning one dropped from the sky. the u.s. military launched a rescue team but it was too late. six of the black hawk crew had been killed and only one survived with serious injuries. the incident occurred in afghanistan w
Dec 18, 2013 7:00am PST
and the megaball, lucky number 7. >> san jose and atlanta. we're going to get to more of that later. >>> right now, let's get straight to the vatican. what a remarkable year it has been. the resignation of one pope. elevation of pope francis turned out to be an electric leader for the world's 1 billion catholics, sending a spiritual jolt around the world. robin, josh, you made the journey to rome. got to see behind the scenes at the vatican and got to greet him. >> we certainly did, george and lara. i could have sworn that we won the lottery. >> i have us as winners. >> being here. tens of thousands for the wednesday audience. and waited hours to see the pope. he left just a short time ago. really spends a lot of time. >> we really saw it all on display today. he's been called the people's pope. and you really saw that again today, again, even as he encouraged all to be rays of light for hope, especially for the poor in the world. he also was a man of the people. receiving all the young, the sick, the aged, and to his immediate right, the champion argentine soccer team, of which he's a proud suppo
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm EST
atlanta where martin luther king and his wife are buried behind me. june 27th, 1990, nelson mandela at the tail end of his american tour stopped here in atlanta. some of the first things he said when he got off the plane is it reminded him because of his home town of south africa, because of the landscape and warmth. it was a hot day. it was a whirl wind tour around the state of georgia, as he was escorted in a bulletproof limousine and brought out at three locations, morehouse college being one, where he was made an honorary morehouse man. after that, as you can see, the cameraman can zoom in, he was brought to this site where martin luther king is buried. nelson mandela lay a wreath. he was with his wife. he was put back into his limousine, stepped into the camera and brought to georgia tech's football stadium where 50,000 plus were in the stands waiting for him. one of our producers was there as a civilian, describing it being louder than anyone could imagine. it was an electric scene. it took 15 minutes for the crowd to calm their voices down before he could speak. he made many
Dec 31, 2013 2:20pm EST
into this project. >> this was a project when i saw this photograph at the martin luther king center in atlanta in 1992 and realized that this photograph was iconic representation of the sick and and i knew the woman in the center of the photograph. i had met her through her children 20 years before in arlington virginia when i was a playground director and i knew at that moment in the context of all of the iconic civil rights paraphernalia at the king center this is a story that needed to be told so i decided at that moment to go home and start interviewing my friend and find out about. >> did you recognize her in the picture and had she already talked about this experience and sit in? >> i recognized her in the photograph because the children had a total out on occasion and said my mother is a famous photograph, so why didn't really understand how significant that photograph was until i saw the context. >> and what did you learn about the civil rights movement that you hadn't known before? >> what is interesting about this story is that she is a southern white woman who came to see her family
Dec 24, 2013 2:00am PST
the playoffs, talking about the west. it did not come easy. in the fourth, niners lead by ten. atlanta putting together two strong scoring runs in response. san francisco then up by just three. atlanta, ready to score here, but fumble. goes 89 yards to seal that win. 34-24. that was a last of a stadium record 36 monday night football games at candlestick. they're going to be tearing her down after this season. >>> auburn head coach was named college coach of the year by the ap. he had an unbelievable iron bowl victory as you might remember against alabama. his tigers now in the championship game against florida state. that's going to be a good one. >>> so the heat prevail in an overtime thriller. atlanta has the lead in the fourth when lebron james drains a three pointer, later, dunk, knee in the face of paul millsap. maybe need a little ice after that. atlanta leads again, but michael beasley nails two free throws. nine seconds left, heat win it. >>> the knicks get a bittersweet victory over orlando. in the third, carmelo anthony hustling, sprains his ankle, out the rest of the game. orlando
Dec 18, 2013 4:00am EST
in atlanta, georgia, and another at a gift shop in san jose, california. the winning numbers are -- lottery officials say the jackpot is expected to exceed $647 million when the final ticket sales are calculated later today. now, the seller of tin withing ticket gets a small percentage of the winnings and early this morning outside a san jose store, the man who says he is the owner was clearly excited. >> they let me know. i come and take a look, you know. but everybody here, whoa. >> mega millions changed the rules in october making it harder to win. the odds of winning the jackpot are now about one in $259 mill. there were 20 tickets sold that had the five winning numbers but not the mega ball number. those tickets are worth $1 million. >>> now, nasa has ordered the two american international space station to prepare for urgent space walks to repair one of the station's two cooling units. they're the size of are refrigerator. they're planned for this weekend. >> reporter: the international space station is about to undergo some repairs. they were forced stop science experiments. beginning
Dec 23, 2013 6:00am PST
against the atlanta falcons will be the team's last regular season game and possibly could be the last game they ever play here before they make that big move to santa clara and the team is planning to make tonight's game special, all kinds of festivities and freebies. while tonight's game is planned as a celebration it is also a bit of a sad occasion. when we caught up with staff over the weekend as they prepared the field and the stadium for tonight's game, but for many it's going to be tough to say good-bye to the stick. >> it's the marquee field for the city, you know. this is where the 49ers play, where the giants played so we always took pride in the appearance of it. tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game. every time. >> reporter: again, tonight will be a very special night. the folks that get the privilege of sitting in these seats are paying a pretty penny to be here. the tickets are going from $250 to over $1,000 a seat. but that's a price many are willing to pay to sit in the stadium one last time possibly to see the 49ers play against the atlanta falcons
Dec 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
state. >> reporter: the fbi says the crime spree began monday morning when a man tried to rob an atlanta bank and failed. authorities believe he then went to mississippi where he held up a bank and got caught in a gun fight with police, shooting two officers. one of those officers, gayle stauffer, died. the suspect wasn't spotted again until saturday in phoenix. that's when police say he robbed a bank and fired at an officer. >> the officer was trying to retreat and take cover. at that point, the officer fired at the suspect. >> reporter: garnett was killed. no one else was hurt. officials say cell phone records confirm the suspect was in atlanta, tupelo and phoenix at the time of the robberies. >> this investigation is not over. all of the evidence gathered by investigators following the phoenix robbery must be examined and compared with that gathered from the atlanta and tupelo crime scenes. there are numerous leads which we must continue to follow. and questions which we must answer. >> reporter: melissa rainy, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a controversial nativity scene outside a southern
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am EST
the mi mid atlanta. atlanta--atlantic. another low pressure will come and will bring more to workers s that have already seen seen it. temperatures just above freezing so we're getting light rain but going into the future now and we'll show exactly when another wave of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will develop. and it's overnight tonight by 6:00 tonight. snow is coming down, freezing rain and rain. and it goes right over b.c. baltimore and the cold air moves south. it changes over to all snow. temperatures in new york will be in the 40's and then dropping. more snow coming in overnight tonight and tomorrow. finally clearing out and staying pretty clear is that arctic air is in place wednesday, thursday and friday. >> thank you very much. and in about 40 minutes we'll take to you chicago to see how they're struggling in the windy is city. thanks for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters. inside story is up next. and as always you can check us out on the wheels of the american economy turned with the labor of low wage workers across this country. the dishwashe
Al Jazeera America
Dec 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
no meaning. how he got there. why he did it, and who he is, is still unknown. tim is in atlanta. he is our al jazeera national security tribute for. tim good afternoon. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you now. sorry about that. a few technical difficulties. yes, well obviously it has raised a few questions as to security, but the gentlemen is wearing a security badge and pin, so he was obviously checked for a potential threat to the dignitaries, but obviously not his competency. >> tim, all of this royalty and this man manages to sneak on stage. how big of a gaffe is this? >> again, they would have done some type of checks. there are some reports that this gentlemen signed at on event a year ago attended by the president himself. so, again, it was probably felt that he was cleared. they would haissued his badge t get access to the area. but no one would have really checked if he was competent at signing. >> after something like this comes up, how many of those heads of state are now going to men like you in your position that you once held saying what happened? and who's head should roll?
Al Jazeera America
Dec 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
. atlanta is going to be about 56. an american auto maker making history. the newer ground general motor is making as it names its latest ceo. >> by next year 2012 states will have a higher minimum wage than the national level of $7.25 an hour. as the debate about raising the federal minimum kicks into high gear we decided to take a look at what higher wang versus meant for the local economies in some states, states where employers already have to pay more than the federal law requires. stacey tisdale has the story. >> reporter: when you sigh images like these it's easy to understand the emotional argument for raising minimum wage but many researchers say the link between higher minimum wage and economic stability is overblown. >> states with higher minimum wage tended to have lower job growth and lower levels of job creation by expanding firms. >> reporter: experts point out the number of people receiving minimum wage could not have a big impact on the state or national level. >> very few people are paid the minimum wage. 3% of the workforce. the number of dollars involved are very smal
Al Jazeera America
Dec 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
all of that rain, all of the damaging winds continues to ease its way into the southeast, atlanta, southern portions of pennsylvania. you can see that band of ice right here, swaying across that area, continuing to bring ice into toronto into portions of buffalo, back into new england, maine, new hampshire and vermont, i-95 is going to be quite treacherous. stay off the icy roads if you can. behind the frontal boundary, a lot chillier central portions of the plains, fargo, tulsa, only 24°. because it's so cold on the back side of the front, lingering snow showers into lubbock, texas as well. the heaviest of the snow, pushing in, erasing some of the heat that we're experiencing across the southeast all the way into the northeast. before doing so it's going to dump heavy rain all the way into detroit into indianapolis. four to six inches of rain in total. atlanta reaching a high of 81. new york city expected to climb to 73. the record is 63. back to you richelle. >> jelelah. urge thank you very much so much. claire davis, 17-year-old who was shot in the head by karl pierson, davis
Al Jazeera America
Dec 24, 2013 11:00am EST
in chicago, 28 in memphis, just above the freezing mark there in atlanta. so any slippery roads will stay slippery. main roads should be clear, not much being added to it. bundle up before you head outside. these are the wind chills by tonight. 9 below in fargo. that blustering cold wind keeping the temperatures down. there may be added snow down with this cold wind east of the great lakes there. a little accumulation as these pick. >> pope francis is preparing to celebrate his first christmas as head of the catholic church. since taking the role he shunned a lavish lifestyle and vows to bring people back to the faith. >> reporter: st. peters square it may look like any other christmas. the tree towering of the basilica, the faithful are queues, but to preside over it all, there is one special pope. this was a whirlwind year for the pope. he went from being a little known bishop to time magazine's person of the year. when he appears on the balcony after the election only a few recognized him. everyone recognized his chosen name as pope, francis. from day one he proved to be just as ample
Al Jazeera America
Dec 26, 2013 12:00pm EST
but others are waiting for gifts to arrive. robert ray is in atlanta with more on the package situation, but we're going to begin with jim hooley at the cherry creek mall in denver with the after-christmas sales. today is about returns and using those gift cards that you got, am i correct? >> here we go again, richelle, yes, it is lot about returns, but a lot about these gift cards that people got for christmas and now they are burning a hole in their back pocket. especially younger people want to take these cards that they received yesterday and get out here and just start spending. something like $30 billion of gift cards sold in the holiday season just before christmas, so that's an incredible number. it was a pretty good holiday season. holiday sales spiking just before christmas about 2.3%. that's pretty good compared to last year, but it is all about -- yes, some returns, but these gift cards right here, $30 billion are. a lot of those are going to be spent today. i have 25 bucks on this jcpenney card, and i'm going to be spending that later on today too. >> let me ask one more qu
FOX News
Dec 28, 2013 1:30pm PST
themselves in the atlanta area. >> when i talked to doctors i used to practice with in atlanta, four of the major hospital systems in the city itself are not even going to be on the panel or able to have access to the patients that are signed up for obamacare. the patients don't know yet. the hospitals know that, but the patients don't know that yet. these are the kinds of hidden secrets in this program that are supposed to make it work from a financial standpoint. it may make it work for government but it doesn't work for patients. >> reporter: we heard that the administration needs 7 million people to sign up by the end of open unenrollment, which is the end of march. and december 20th of this year, 1 million people signed up for private insurance. the administration expected that 1.2 million would have signed up, but they're short of that goal. a lot of work still to be done. >> the white house saying it's optimistic today. you're in an open live harbor right now, which is why we can hear the ships moving in behind you. >> reporter: it's conk shells. >>> the next hurdle for obamac
Dec 31, 2013 5:00am PST
families wait and hope. the city of atlanta said what i have been used in dhaka had been hospitalized in grenoble. i came straight away i had to come the museum. i knew it was like the whole crew at all times. supporters and that but as the fall. and i'll pray for him. just seven times. obi wan book champion is alien life now because he was wearing a helmet. the top of the accident. schumacher remains in a medically induced unless he's called a cab. lol it has slowed metabolism and help reduce inflammation of the spring aye aye. israel has city's twenty six palestinian prisoners as part of the us but could be said that swan announcing it will build more prisons into the sacraments the free ddt a nice weekend in a tube into sections by families and friends in gaza and the west bank. that the fed after full back to sydney by israel in the us led initiative to the peace talks foliage. in palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomed in the next is a twenty six had been convicted of killing israelis and the wistful with jeff before the fest is for a palestinian interim peace deals were sig
Dec 21, 2013 5:00am PST
noticias para el este del paÍs. en atlanta, y el sureste de la uniÓn americana, temperaturas van a estar bordeando para muchos de nosotros, el rango de 60 grados, lo que es el caso de nueva york. en atlanta, en los 70. pero la mala noticia, van a recibir actividad de fuertes lluvias. pero bueno, una cosa por la otra, no nos podemos quejar, todavÍa tienen. el Último fin de semana. asÍ que seÑores si les gusta el invierno, a celebrar maÑana. que oficialmente le damos la bienvenida oficial. me despido. >>> de vuelta en los Ángeles, no sin antes felicitar y darle las gracias a mi familia de noticias 41 para invitarme a la despedida de rafael pineda, gracias por abrirnos sus corazones a la familia de "primer impacto". bÁrbara. esto es todo de mi parte, te deseo un >> un beso para ti. solo dÍas de la nochebuena, le presentamos esta deliciosa creaciÓn. se trata de una enorme casa. para construirla, usaron 22.000 caramelos en texans. ♪ hay algo positivo que se está generando en california. cuando energía ordinaria se pone en manos de gente extraordinaria, suceden cosas asombrosas.
Dec 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
gutierrez is at a k-mart store outside of atlanta. >> reporter: tamron, good evening. many retailers were offering extended hours tonight. this k-mart will stay open until about 10:00 tonight. and last minute christmas shoppers have never had so many options. tonight, the procrastinators are out. and the deals are drafting. >> everything we got was on sale. >> reporter: near atlanta, katie shownfelt had just started her christmas shopping this morning. so she is glad many retailers extended their christmas eve hours. >> i think it is great for people who work a lot and have odd hours and don't have a 9:00 to 5:00 job, so definitely it came in handy for us. >> reporter: some k-mart, macy's and kohl's stores are staying open later. one survey found nearly a quarter of last minute shoppers were waiting for better deals, more like 60 or 70% off. >> at the malls we've been reporting from this week, it is striking how many stores are promoting deep discounts, the kind of discounts you expect to see after christmas. >> reporter: is already rolling out their after-christmas sale, with
Dec 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
. gabe gutierrez is in atlanta. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. consider this the year that online shopping changed everything from returning presents here at the mall to deliveries on the road. the post holiday rush is far from over. before dawn, the trucks were on the move. fedex and u.p.s. scrambling to deliver late packages that didn't make it in time for christmas. some customers got tired of waiting and showed up at u.p.s. centers. >> my son was crushed. you know, these were things he was expecting for christmas. >> got the call that the package was here. we're here to pick it up. >> reporter: u.p.s. took the brunt of the criticism. the company apologized blaming nasty weather and soaring online sales. saying it's now making every effort to get packages to their destination as quickly as possible. fedex says the vast majority of its deliveries had no problems and promised to address any isolated incidents. >> shippers this year really did not do a good job of anticipating the shift in holiday shopping. more consumers shopped last minute. more retailers offered onl
Dec 27, 2013 5:30pm PST
to do that, many tech experts say there is reason to worry. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from atlanta with the latest. good evening, gabe. >> reporter: natalie, good evening. target had initially said that no pin data had been stolen. but today that changed. the retailer is now insisting that the pin data was strongly encrypted and can't be unlocked. but tonight there are new concerns that these hackers may have been more sophisticated than we first thought. the theft was already one of the largest data breaches in u.s. history, under investigation by the secret service and the u.s. department of justice. but today target revealed hackers had also stolen its customers' encrypted personal identification numbers, but the retailer says the thieves can't crack the code and actually use the pins. >> it makes me leery about going there. >> reporter: we remain confident, target says, that pin numbers are safe and secure. here's how the process works. when the customer swipes a debit card and enters a pin, it is encrypted in the key pad at the store. it is then sent to an outside company whic
Dec 19, 2013 4:30am PST
$1 million check yesterday for selling that winning ticket. >> the atlanta woman would won other half wants her money now. the 56-year-old woman will take home roughly $174 million before taxes. she says she has been playing the sakes mix of family birthdays and lucky numbers for years and she bought just one this time. that is all she needed. >> mike? >> she works with my wife's friend. we waiting to see if the friend gets in. maybe the friend. not high wife. >> good morning, everyone, we will look at what is going on as far as our winds from the west and southwest at 35 through the altamont pass. 18 in the oakland hills and 17 to the higher elevations. 26 in nextville, and mount tamalpais gust up to 39 miles per hour. but gusts in the lower elevations at 21 in half moon bay and sfo. 17 in oakland. everyone else is less than ten miles per hour right now. it is a changing of the air mass. cleaner air, cooler air, more sunshine and bone dry today. we are in the mid-30 to mid-40's and through the next 12 hours, my 50's noon through 4:00 and mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00 the winds backing of
Dec 23, 2013 4:30am PST
the wall of water from panama city, florida, through atlanta, up 85 to the northeast and it is all water until you get to maine where it turns over to freezing rain and snow so very warm system. behind it we have cooler air around chicago and milwaukee and snow showers. as far as our airport, everything is fine. now, the day planner, in the mid-30's to mid-40's under a star filled morning with sunshine by noon and already in the mid-50's to low 60's out at the coast and we are in the low-to-mid 60's the better part of the afternoon with just a passing high cloud or two and no worries if you are shopping this evening, low 50's. we will take a look at the next three days if you have to do shopping tomorrow, almost the same temperatures maybe a degree warmer with record highs the next couple of days the low-to-mid 60's and sun and passing high clouds. each day is possibly a "spare the air" day. leyla gulen? >> we have a little bit of tire tread that is in the lanes on highway 4 as you head in the westbound direction before you get to i-80, this is at franklin canyon westbound, so that could
Dec 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
's hands down the best thing i have seen. >> reporter: today stewart, now a radio host in atlanta said auburn's win even top z his wild finish. >> to beat alabama in auburn the way they did it, they will talk about this for a very long time. >> reporter: an unbelievable ending on and off the field. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: dave gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >> we did it! >> who said it's just a game? >>> that's our broadcast for this monday night as we start off a new week. thanks for being with us. i'm brian williams. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. >>> good evening, thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. we begin with a developing story this evening. we learned 20 minutes ago a search for a missing plane registered to a man in the south bay has been called off for the night due to bad weather. that plane was headed from baker, oregon, to butte, montana, yesterday afternoon. at around 3:30, the pilot reported an engine failure near the johnson creek airstrip about 125 miles northeast of boise, idaho. five peopl
Dec 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
. stops in miami, los angeles, washington, d.c., and atlanta. >> to be so young and to meet a leader as great as mandela was a really big moment. >> reporter: this woman was just 10 years old at the time, on the tarmac in atlanta. >> i just remember looking in his face. even as young as i was, i remember thinking just what a kindness there was about him and his eyes thinking how amazing it was for somebody who had been through so much to not have a hardened heart. >> reporter: nelson mandela, a man who survived prison to become president, inspiring countless people, changing how so many view the world and themselves. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >>> and that's our broadcast for this friday night and for this week. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. lester holt will be here with you this weekend. we, of course, hope to see you right back here on monday evening. in the meantime, have a good weekend. good night. >>> good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm jessica aguirre. raj mathai has the night off. we begin with the developing weather we'r
Dec 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
from seattle was diverted after a teenager died on board. delta flight 128 headed for atlanta landed in spocane after a 16-year-old boy died despite the efforts of people with medical experience on board. >> we heard we have a medical emergency. apparently, there was somebody on board. i saw a flurry of activity. they had oxygen like canisters. the flight attendants were trying to get those. we see the teenager being carried to the back. >> an airport spokesman says the teenager died of natural causes. there were 258 passengers on board the flight. delta flew in a special crew to get passengers on other flights to get to atlanta. >>> the bat kid braving chilly weather to kick off a special fundraiser. the crowd and all of the hype over his return to san francisco. >>> and the simple thing some families take for granted finding a safe place for kids to play. the bay area nonprofit organization that wants to do that for children in one east bay community. >>> another cold night expected. freeze warnings continue for tonight and monday morning. we will break down the cold snap and let y
Dec 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
worked at prepping stadium chairs and the field for monday night's home game against the atlanta falcons. they have been painting the 49ers logo on the field for decades. may have painted their last logo at candlestick today. >> i'm going to miss it. i love the logos. >> always surprised at the appearance of it. tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game. every time. >> likely the 49ers will play their final home football game this monday night although there's a chance there could be a playoff game there. san francisco will celebrate the stadium with farewell events leading up to its implosion next year. >> the 49ers still in urgency with playoffs in sight. hear from the san francisco squad gearing up for monday night showdown against the atlanta falcons. and sharks rookie won't be in a uniform for a while. san jose's gm gives the latest on the phenom. that's next from the xfinity sports desk. >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. the nfl post-season is right around the corner and the 49ers control their own destiny. if they beat the falcons monday night they are guaranteed
Dec 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
for places like new york city and washington, d.c., and stretching down towards atlanta by the afternoon hours. the good news, tomorrow, the storm system does start to weaken and it's not going to have a whole lot of punch expected, and the next 12 hours will be the most treacherous if you have to do traveling across the tennessee and ohio valley. here, spectacular conditions continuing. 63 for san francisco, and oakland at 64. picture perfect weather here across the bay area. >> great news, anthony. >>> coming up, what may be the last 49er game at candlestick park. crews have worked for decades to the 49er games. >>> special day today for thousands of needy kids in san francisco. the memorial church gave about 8,000 toys away today. look at the line. organizers say the need is go great kids and their families started to lineup last night at 6:00, and kids say it was worth it. >> it's very helpful for those that could not afford toys, and it's very generous that they give toys. >> it makes me happy to see all the kids getting toys, and waiting in line for something special. >> the giveaw
Dec 18, 2013 12:00pm PST
the numbers was sold at a tiny newsstand in atlanta, georgia. that means the second largest jackpot in mega millions history is going to be split 50/50 because lotto rules differ in georgia than in california. the woman who sold the winning ticket in atlanta will not receive any prize money. >>> while we are on the subject of money there is big news on wall street. the federal reserve has just announced it will cut back on its stimulus program! kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks has more. >> reporter: most didn't expect the federal reserve to make the bond tapering move until 2014 but they did it today cutting back monthly bond purchases by $10 million to $75 billion a month starting in january the fed making this move because it has seen stronger economic growth and labor market growth. it now expects the unemployment rate to fall to a range of 6.3 to 6.6% in 2014 down from the 7% that we saw in november which was already a five-year low. it also is going to maintain its short-term federal funds rate at 0 to .25% for the foreseeable futures. investors are reacting positively. the
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